Bring Your Own Device

Dear Junior and Senior Parents,  
This year we will be implementing some new choices for one to one computer technology.

Juniors and Seniors will have three choices regarding devices.  Please read the following information so that you will be prepared to make the appropriate choice for your family.   

One-to-One Devices

The School District of Albany’s mission statement is “all students prepared for life.”  Today, part of that preparation includes use of technology for a variety of functions.  As such, the School District of Albany is a one-to-one technology district in grades 5-12, with technology playing an integral role in classrooms.

Students in grades 11-12 will have the following choices:
  1. Students will be able to check out a laptop through the Technology Department for the school year. This laptop may be taken home for homework and other school use with parent permission on the Acceptable Use Agreement.
  2. Students may purchase a laptop outright from the district prior to September 15.  This device becomes the property of the family purchasing the device. The device must be used in accordance with District policies and procedures.
  3. Students may participate in a Bring Your Own Device program in which students may bring an approved device to school if they so desire for instructional use.
Regardless of device choice, all students are expected to pay technology and network use fees as set forth in the handbook.  This $40 ($80 max per family) fee includes school infrastructure, District Technology Administrator, and Internet fees.

By learning to use technology proactively in an educational setting, students will be able to balance technology in a variety of settings.

The School District of Albany is committed to providing equal access to technology for all students in grades 5-12.  Students in grades 11-12 without a personal device that meets District requirements can check out a device for school use.  Students who do not bring or check out a device may be unable to fulfill course requirements.

What Kind of Device Should My Student Bring to School?
Students who choose to participate in the BYOD program must have a device that meets the following requirements:
  • 10.1” screen or larger
  • Dual Core Processor (i3 recommended or AMD equivalent)
  • 2GB of RAM (4+ GB recommended)
  • 802.11g or 802.11n wireless capabilities
  • Protective carry case (Recommended)
  • Be able to run both Microsoft Office and the Google Apps Suite (Recommended)
Network Access
Students’ devices approved by the School District of Albany’s Technology Department will be provided access to the District’s dedicated wireless network.  All acceptable use policies apply to devices connected to the network.

  • Equity of access to technology is important to the School District of Albany.  In the event a student cannot use his/her registered BYOD while at school, s/he may check out a device to use for the school day from the Technology Department.
  • Students should only use the wireless network channel provided by the District for Internet access while at school.  Any use of 3G/4G or alternative Internet access is unauthorized and the District is not responsible for any charges incurred.
  • Students and families assume full responsibility for maintaining the device.  This includes software updates, hardware functionality, and regularly updated antivirus software.
  • Staff are the decision-makers regarding appropriate uses of technology in classes.  Use of personal devices unrelated to the assigned learning task is not permitted.
  • District Technology and Administrative staff may examine personally-owned devices and search their content as permitted by state statute.
  • The District Technology Administrator will troubleshoot student devices as they relate to day-to-day functionality and network connections if requested, but students and families will assume responsibility for the technical support and maintenance of personally owned devices including repair costs. The District Technology Administrator will not perform repairs on personally owned devices and is not responsible for any damage that occurs when troubleshooting.
Students are responsible for all items they bring to school, including a BYOD.  As such, students are responsible for bringing their device ready to use each day and for the safety of the device in transit and at school.  The School District of Albany claims no responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen devices.  Students are responsible for any activity on their device, including activities performed if a student chooses to share/lend his/her personal device.

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